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Make Your Veggie Intake Easier

Veggie Intake

Whether veggies aren’t your favorite, you don’t have time to cook, or you get bored with salads—these tips will help make your veggie intake easier.

Go Frozen

Frozen veggies only take moments to steam and come in a variety of delicious blends. Also, consider the many defrost and serve and blender-ready smoothie options with veggie or both fruits and veggies.

Purchase Prepped Food

Yes, it costs a bit more to purchase deli fresh veggies or washed and chopped veggies and leafy greens—but if it gets you eating your 5 servings a day it’s well worth it.

Hit Up Your Local Farmers

If you enjoy cooking invest in a monthly farm share or head to your local farmer’s market every week or two. This will introduce you to a wider range of local produce which will get you more excited about cooking and eating your veggies.

Order Your Veggies To Go

If you absolutely love the green beans, vegetable soup, salad, smoothie, or any veggie dish at a local restaurant—order your veggie side dishes to go. This helps to mix things up and reduces your amount of cooking.

Last but not least, try new recipes, cook your veggies with more herbs and spices, and invest in additional cooking tools—such as a veggie steamer, stovetop grill, dehydrator, blender, or food processor.

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