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Does The Law Of Attraction Really Work?

Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

The Secret book was released in 2006 and the movie in 2007. It introduced many of us to the universal Law of Attraction. To the concept that like attracts like and that our thoughts deliver to us an energetic match for our frame of mind. But does the LOA really work?

It Would Explain A Lot

It’s easy to want to write it off as woo-woo, but it would explain a lot. Like how our Debby Downer friends and family members are the ones who have the worst experiences in the most unlikely of places. Also, how our super optimistic loved ones seem to have otherworldly luck.

A Sixth Sense Of Sorts

We have all have had an experience where our gut or instincts have told us to give something a chance or to steer clear of something or someone. This is a sixth sense that many believe occurs when we are in tune with the universal energy that is the Law of Attraction. This is a sense we were all born with but for most has been drilled out of us.

At the very least it’s worth watching the video or reading the book again or watching an Abraham video or two to consider some of the key philosophies. At worst it changes nothing and at best the Law of Attraction can transform your life for the better.

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