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How To Make The Most Of Your Summer Break

Summer Break Is Here!

Whether you are a student, teacher or stay at home parent—you want to make the most of your summer break. While sleeping in is great you don’t want the next few months to pass without having something to show for it. Here are a few ideas.

  1. Plant a garden—even an indoor window box garden will do.
  2. Learn a few new recipes, either cooking or baking.
  3. Plan at least one trip even if it’s somewhere nearby.
  4. Cross something off your Bucket List.
  5. Sign up (you or your kids) for a fun class in something you love or have always wanted to learn—dance, painting, graphic design, summer sports camps, or your favorite academic topics.
  6. Take some time to volunteer. This is an excellent way to serve, make new friends and it may even present an opportunity to travel.
  7. Get a summer job, just don’t work too hard!
  8. Make a summer reading list and get to reading.
  9. Spend some time outdoors camping, hiking, relaxing, or on the water.
  10. Try at least one new healthy thing—mediation, a new type of workout, drink more water, eat less sugar and carbs, and more.

While you are at it make a digital scrapbook of your summer so that you have something to share when you return to school—and to commemorate the memories you make this summer!

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