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Craving Nature But Live In The City?

Craving Nature?

You might love living in a big city (I know I do) but there are days when I crave nature. Here’s how to get your nature fix without having to travel too far.

Start At Home

Consciously add natural elements to your home, which is easy to do with any design aesthetic. Add more wood, even if it’s painted. Fresh or dried flowers are always joyful. Consider a calming water feature. Add lots of plants, maybe even an indoor garden. Even a few nature landscapes, paintings, or works of art.

Explore Your City’s Nature-Filled Areas

Every major city prioritizes nature so make sure you know where to go to get your nature fix. This might be a local waterfront, park, nature preserve, community garden, or museum with nature-filled areas. Even check local spas and restaurants with indoor gardens or nature-inspired themes.

Take A Day Trip

Hop on a train or in an Uber as you typically don’t have to go too far outside of the city to find hiking, camping, or a place to meditate and relax outdoors. Go solo, with friends, bring your furbaby, or make it a day date with your other half.

Just a few hours in nature can lower your blood pressure, reduce stress, help you ground yourself—and more!

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