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Why Peer Mentorship Is On The Rise

Peer Mentorship

It’s certainly not a new practice to find a personal or professional mentor or coach to help with your ongoing development. However, there is a new type of mentorship that is rapidly growing in popularity—peer mentorship.

What Is Peer Mentorship?

Traditional mentorship connects you with someone who is not only tenured in the area you require development, but often several years your senior. With peer mentorship mentors are in the same age group, sometimes a peer may be significantly younger. For example, if you decide to become a yoga instructor at the age of 45, your mentor may be a successful 35-year-old instructor with 15 years in the business. Yes, younger—but with invaluable experience.

Why A Peer Mentor May Be Better?

There is certainly value in the traditional mentorship model but seeking out a peer has some unique benefits. There is a growing business and personal trend that focuses less on age, and more on tenure and innovation. Also, you are more likely to feel open and comfortable with your peer mentor—instead of intimidated by your super-tenured mentor. Last but not least with a peer mentor you may both have insights to share so the time together is more collaborative and more of a win-win. You might even be part of a group who facilitates peer mentorship with those who have similar interests and goals or whose skillsets support one another’s goals.

You may already have peer mentors and don’t know it. Even a friend who has more tenure in any area—art, health, fitness, spirituality, personal development, academics, professional development.

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