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What Is Best For Others Is Not Up To Us

What Is Best For Others Is Not Up To Us

We all want what is best for our friends and family. While our intention may be to always support their dreams and goals, our intention may not always match our response to change or growth—or the minor and major decisions they make about their lives. But we must remember that what is best for others is not up to us.

Change Can Be Challenging

We all get stuck in comfort zones including the comfort of where our friends and family are in their lives. However, we must not allow our desire for consistency or our personal fear or apprehension for change to discourage others. Growth is part of life and we must never discourage anyone from living their dreams or being authentic.

It’s Not About You

Whether conscious or subconscious, we are likely telling someone not what we think they should do—but what we would imagine we would do in the same situation, or what we have done in a similar situation. First and foremost, it’s not about you. Whether they succeed or have to try another path, this is their journey and not yours.

Next time a loved one, or even a professional peer, shares their dreams or vision—resist the temptation to judge or give advice. Instead, ask thoughtful questions and encourage them to achieve their dreams!

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