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Are Your Personal Rules Holding You Back From Your Goals?

Don't Let Personal Rules Hold You Back

Most of us have a formal or informal list of personal rules. These are often created in an effort not to repeat our mistakes, the mistakes of others, or to maintain security. While your intention may be responsible, your personal rules may be holding your back from your goals.

Life Is Worth The Risk

Taking calculated risks is the only way to grow and growth is required to achieve your dreams. Your dreams (personal and professional) and your life is worth taking risks. You may not know what is on the other side, but you will never know until you try!

Don’t Worry About What Others Think

I know this is easier said than done as many of the rules we have made for life were taught to us by those we hold nearest and dearest. If you find yourself questioning a decision someone you know would never make, consider not what they would do—but what feels authentic to you.

Not All Situations Are The Same

It is essential to learn from your past mistakes, but equally important to understand that not all situations are the same. If someone broke your heart, you could never risk falling in love again—or after time and space, you could take an honest look at the mistakes you made in the relationship and make healthier choices next time. For example, if you were too accommodating or if they were perfect on paper but not perfect for you. It’s about doing better next time.

It’s good to have guidelines and personal rules, like not dating anyone you work with, but if you get to the point where you have too many rules your life will be lived from fear and restriction—not from joy and authenticity.

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