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Not All Introverts Are Obvious

Not All Introverts Are Obvious

Would you believe me if I told you that both Oprah and Amy Schumer are introverts? It doesn’t seem possible being that they have both spent much of their careers on a stage and in the limelight, but it’s true. Not all introverts are as obvious as you might imagine.

The Definition Is Often Confused

First and foremost, most people get the definition of introvert wrong, thinking more of an anti-social, shy, or insecure person. However, the original definition of introvert speaks to a person who draws their energy from introspection and self-reflection—opposed to extroverts who are energized by physical activities and in-person encounters.

You Might Be One And You Don’t Know It

There is nothing wrong with being an introvert. In fact, it’s one of those labels that once it is accurately identified can be quite empowering—because it will help you to better understand your personal needs. This includes your personal boundaries. If you often feel drained after public events or a jam-packed week of people-heavy interaction, you may be more introverted than extroverted. If public events and lots of face-to-face meetings leave you feeling exhilarated, then you may be more of an extrovert. This doesn’t have to be 100% so don’t feel the need to box yourself into either definition.

If you know someone who shares that they are an introvert, take some time to read up on their needs so that you can be a better friend, loved one, colleague, or employer. But remember not all introverts are obvious so be careful to make assumptions!

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