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Are Your Emotions Causing Your Rapid Weight Gain?

Rapid Weight Gain

There are many reasons why you may be gaining weight and it’s not always as related to diet and exercise as most of us would think. Emotions such as grief, sadness, fear, anxiety, panic, depression, anger, frustration, or being overwhelmed can lead to rapid weight gain.

Comfort Eating

Comfort eating could include something as seemingly small as adding a chocolate donut to your morning routine, eating larger portions, or all but forgoing your usual diet. Once you identify that you are comfort eating you must identify your emotion and start working on it—especially if it’s become a daily habit.

Unspoken Words

If you are hanging on to unspoken words that need to be expressed this could be the cause of your weight gain. The emotional weight of your unexpressed feelings could be the sole cause of your extra pounds. By simply saying what you need to say your weight may quickly start to melt away.


I once had a friend who after leaving a high-stress job lost 10 pounds in about 10 days, and another 10 over the next month. She changed nothing else in her routine other than letting go of the demanding job that kept her running what seemed like 24/7.

Life is meant to flow and if you are stuck in an emotionally unhealthy pattern, relationship, or set of circumstances—it may be the cause of your rapid weight gain.

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