You Can Work From Your Laptop Full-Time—If You Want To!

Work From Your Laptop Full-Time

Does working from your laptop sound like a dream come true, but also too good to be true? As impossible as it might sound most of us spend the majority of our days online connected to a computer. Even if your skill set requires unplugged time, you can market and sell your services or expertise online.

More Than Remote Employment

First up on the list is to seek out a position that enables you to work remotely some or all of your workweek. This means that you may even be able to travel while you work. However, why not just do what you already do full-time—but work for yourself instead?

Your Options Are Endless

The internet empowers freelancers and entrepreneurs to expand their reach well beyond the service area you live in. Depending on the type of work you do you may be able to reach clients nationwide or globally. Think beyond the early days of online-only affiliate marketing or opening up an online store—to absolutely anything. Doctors, veterinarians, lawyers, tutors, business consultants, artists of every kind, and many more professionals are supplementing their income or working online full-time. Your options are truly endless.

Leverage Your Inherent Knowledge

Working as a writer and online marketer I was surprised to find that marketing the fact that I am a native English speaker who understands US cultures and customs was an inherent skill that I could market to international clients looking to expand their businesses stateside or in English speaking cultures. This is just one example of the many inherent skills not typically on our resumes that you can leverage in the online world.

It’s certainly off the beating path but there is much freedom and flexibility that comes with working online full-time. You will need to be far more disciplined when working outside of a traditional office or workspace—but it’s the perfect way to achieve the balance most of us only dream of.

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