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How To Introduce Biophilic Design To Your Home Or Office

Introduce Biophilic Design

A growing trend in both home and office interior design is biophilic design. While it sounds complicated it’s quite easy. It’s the art of adding nature to your home. This goes beyond adding a potted plant or two to creating a comfortable, relaxing, and even productive indoor haven. Here are a few ways you can introduce biophilic design to your home or office.

Raw Wood

Most homes have wooden furniture and accents, but most wood is painted or stained in colors not found in nature. Search for furniture that is raw on purpose. This might include tree trunk restaurant bars or coffee tables, bamboo flooring, aged wood, or any quality wood stained in a lighter and natural color. Also, check out your options in rare woods.

Oversized Plants

Think beyond a plant that you can buy and put in your car to indoor plants that are so oversized that they need to be delivered. An indoor palm, a sprawling ivy that you hang from the ceiling and drape as you wish, even a full-on vertical or hanging garden.

Natural Lighting

There is a reason why floor-to-ceiling windows are particularly popular in big cities where real estate is small, as the light helps the space to feel more livable—and less like a cave. Don’t underestimate the importance of lighting when you purchase or rent your next space. Poor lighting is reason enough not to rent or buy.

You can also introduce biophilic design to your home with large indoor water feature, marble, slate, and natural elements as art.

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