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Are You Digitally Distracted?

Are You Digitally Distracted?

Have you recently noticed a decline in your level of productivity? Or are you someone who is easily distracted? While our electronics bring us the possibility of increased productivity they can also be a huge distraction. Here’s what to do if you are digitally distracted.

Time Block

Time blocking is the process of setting aside blocks of time each day to work on your priority projects. If you have a “most productive” time of day, that is the ideal time to time block. During this scheduled block, electronics and all alerts must be turned off. No checking allowed.

Turn Off Your Alerts

The average working professional checks their phone between 80 and 150 times a day! Many of this checking occurs when a digital alert for a text, email, or social media goes off. Turn off these alerts entirely or at least when you need to get work done.


Most of us could stand to simplify our digital communication a bit. While I am an advocate of having both a professional and personal email account, most of us communicate by a growing combination of communication channels. This often includes email, text, Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, phone, video, and more. It may be time to simplify a bit.

Hiring a live or online digital assistant is also another way busy professionals can minimize the amount they need to check their multiple communication channels.

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