Why Transformative Travel Is Growing At A Rapid Rate

Transformative Travel

Traveling to a foreign country does not assure that travelers will experience much of the culture around them—other than the food and architecture. In many of the top travel destinations in the world, the average traveler spends the bulk of their time working their way through the top tourist attractions. There is certainly nothing wrong with this approach, as it may be all you have time for. But if you are looking for more—transformative travel may be the way to go.

What Is Transformative Travel?

Transformative travel is travel designed to intentionally help one stretch and grow, which requires engagement with locals in the community. It is done for a variety of reasons. To build bridges, foster understanding, achieve enlightenment or a higher consciousness, and help us see the citizens of the world as one. It helps to bury fear, insecurity, and misunderstanding—which we need now more than ever. It’s about learning both the cultural differences and the individuality of the people you interact with. When you return to your home country, it’s with a new perspective. What you learn can help you to ignite positive change in your home, community, or business. Your destination doesn’t have to be off the beaten path, as long as the goal is to engage with the locals as your equals—regardless of your differences.

A Hero’s Journey

You can plan your own transformative trip, or you can reach out to the Transformative Travel website to help you connect with an experience tailored to your growth and goals. They help you to prepare for your Hero’s Journey—where you travel with Heart, Engagement, Resolve, and Openness.

The ultimate goal of transformative travel is to understand that no matter our differences, we are all connected. We are all one.

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