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How To Make A Suit Feel More Like You

Make Your Suit Look Like You

Do you need to wear a suit for an upcoming formal occasion? Do you have a dress code at work that doesn’t feel quite like you? The tips below will help you to personalize your suit so that you feel more like you.

Find The Perfect Cut

Don’t just go purchase a neutral suit but try on several suits until you find a cut that is figure flattering. This will vary by your body type, but you will know it when you see it. Aside from finding the perfect cut, you must invest in a suit that is the perfect size—preferably tailored to perfection. Many department stores offer free tailoring with purchase. If not head to a local tailor.


Your blouse, button-down, scarf, tie, shoes, hat, lapel pin, and jewelry will make your suit more you. This is also where you can have a bit of fun. Find colors, patterns, and prints that look good on you and add a bit of personality and style. If you don’t wear suits often avoid the temptation to invest in only a white button down, and choose a solid color, stripe or check instead. If you wear a suit daily your accessories are what will help you keep your wardrobe fun.

Last but not least, make sure to launder and dry clean all of your formal attire as directed to protect your investment.

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