Respecting Your Loved One’s Free Will Choices

Respecting Free Will Choices

Life presents us all with delightful new opportunities. Some will be celebrated by most everyone we are close with, while other free will choices may hard for some to respect or accept. Here is what to consider when you are having a difficult time understanding the path someone you love chooses to take.

It’s Not About You

A common response to a decision we are shocked by or don’t agree with is to ask a barrage of questions. While questions can be thoughtful they are often asked in a manner that is unconsciously (or consciously) designed to help someone change their mind. We must remember that understanding someone’s choices is not required as it is not about you. It’s about their path. We want our loved ones to be happy and we must support their journey, even when it’s not what we would do.

Respect Does Not Mean Agree

You might not agree with your friend’s decision to divorce, go back to school, or move cross-country—and that’s ok. When we surround ourselves only with people who we almost always agree with, our world becomes small and our lives often become inauthentic as a desire to fit in.

Having a free will choice is a basic human right that we must celebrate, not discourage!

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