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Easy Ways To Spend More Time In Nature

Spend More Time In Nature

Spending time in nature helps us to stay grounded and balanced. I don’t know about you, but even though I live close to some wonderful outdoor spots, my schedule can get so busy that I go weeks without being in nature much. If you are having a hard time fitting in time in nature in these tips will help.

  1. Pick one day a week where you work out outdoors instead of indoors. This could be walking, hiking, cycling, swimming, sports, outdoor fitness class, and more.
  2. Pack a solo, duo, or family picnic and head to a local park, waterfront, or nature preserve.
  3. Sign up for a local outdoor activity, even if it’s a tourist activity. For example, a bicycle food tour, a Segway tour, walking architecture tour, or more.
  4. Walk to where you need to go. If it’s a mile or less, it won’t take that long and will feel good.
  5. Planting a garden is an excellent way to get you outdoors more often. Even if you only have a small yard or a tiny patio—you can use pots, planters, and vertical and hanging garden items.

Last but not least, invest in some cozy outdoor furniture which will encourage you to get outside more to read, work, or just relax.

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