Stuck In A Career Rut?

Stuck In A Career Rut?

If you have a job that you once loved but no longer enjoy, or are in a job that you never loved—then it’s time for a major self-evaluation. Here’s what to do if you are stuck in a career rut.

Take Some Time Off

One of the best ways to gain some insight is to take some time off. The longer it has been since you have had at least a full week of no work, the more important it is that you get away. If all you needed was time off, then you won’t dread returning to work. If you dread returning to work, it’s time to dig a bit deeper.

Dig Deeper

To dig deeper you must identify precisely what it is that is making you feel uneasy. If you can’t quite articulate what that is, start by making a pros and cons list. Then you must determine if it is your current position, company culture, lack of advancement, or the industry as a whole that is no longer a good fit.

Make A Change

The change that will get you out of your career rut will vary greatly depending on why you are in the rut. This might mean making a professional development plan, investing in ongoing training, going back to school, looking for a job with a company that is a better fit, or making a full career change.

You spend most of your waking hours at work, so you deserve to be somewhere that you are professorially challenged and fulfilled.

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