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    Curly Hair Care—What You Need To Know

    Curly Hair Care

    If you have curly hair, regardless of your ethnicity, you need to make a few changes to your daily and ongoing beauty routine. Here’s how to make your curly hair look it’s best. These tips are for men and women alike and for curly haired beauties of all ethnicities.

    Invest In Curly Hair Products

    Curly hair is more prone to breakage, tangling, drying out, and frizz. This means that standard hair care products will make it harder to manage your hair. So invest in products designed for you. In just the first week or day, you will notice the difference. This includes:

    • A curly hair comb
    • Curly hair shampoo and conditioner like the Shea Moisture line
    • Curly hair products like curly cream
    • A beauty pillow to minimize the negative effects of standard pillowcases

    Go To A Curly Hair Stylist

    Next up, go to a stylist who knows how to cut curly hair. Yes, there is a difference. Unlike straight hair you can’t just ‘pull to length and cut’ but cutting curls means allowing for an even amount of give before cutting. Your stylist must also understand how the curls will fall and layer once cut—otherwise you will end up with an unwanted mushroom effect.

    It might not sound like much but just a few small curly hair care changes and life will be so much easier. Even if you straighten your hair the tips above are a must.



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