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Why Green Shaming’s Got To Go

Green Shaming Doesn't Work

Green shaming is the act of shaming someone else because you perceive them to be less green than you. While some environmental enthusiast suggests that shaming will increase green behaviors, it often does more damage than good.

Actions Always Speak Larger Than Words

When you start carrying reusable straws, using solar electronics chargers or ditch your car once and for all—it will spark conversations with friends, family, and colleagues. Instead of green shaming those you deem less green than you, use these conversations to explain how you gradually got where you are today.

We All Start Somewhere

We all have to start somewhere, and odds are you weren’t as ‘green’ 10 years ago as you are today. For me, I remember starting small by purchasing cloth napkins, declining my ATM paper receipts, and switching to energy efficient light bulbs. Everyone has to start somewhere so let their journey evolve.

You Aren’t 100% Green

When you green shame you forget that you aren’t living off the grid in the greenest way possible, meaning we can’t shame anyone else for being not as green. Most importantly, it’s not up to us which green habits others prioritize.

Chose instead to lead by example and your environmentally friendly influence will rub off.

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