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Alternatives To Yoga

Alternatives To Yoga

If you like the idea of engaging in a spiritual and mind/body balancing practice, but yoga is not your thing—you have plenty of options. Even if you enjoy yoga these alternatives can mix things up.

Martial Arts

Some martial arts are smooth and flowing such as Tai Chi and Qigong. Both practices focus on energy, balance, and breath. Classes are easy to find in most cities or you can find at home practices online.


Meditation is a part of yoga but if it the still meditation is your favorite part of class find more opportunities to just meditate. This can include heading to a gong bath, kirtan, or singing bowls class where you lay still enjoying the vibrations of the music or chanting as it washes over you.


Dance is something we do freely as children, but far less as adults. It is both an expressive art form and an excellent form of exercise. Find a class that speaks to you, if you prefer flowing movements try lyrical jazz, modern dance, and slower ballroom choreography.

Last but not least, try yoga fusion classes that blend yoga with a variety of fitness trends for a targeted workout.

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