The Art Of Delegation At Home

Art Of Delegation At Home

For most, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of delegating is handing off professional tasks so that you can focus more time on tasks that require your professional skill set. While many of us have mastered the art of delegation at work we must also master it at home.

Delegating To Your Housemates

Whether it’s your roommate, your partner, or your children the goal should be that everyone pitches in. If you have fallen into the rut that many of us find ourselves in and are doing it all yourself it’s time to have a chat and delegate out the household tasks. Even if your kids are young they can start with small tasks and chores, such as putting their toys in the toybox and clearing the table. Every little thing adds up.

Hiring Your Help

The busier you and your family get the easier it is for household errands and tasks to fall by the weigh side. This is where hiring help can really have an impact. This doesn’t need to be a full-time employee but hiring someone to shave a few hours off of each week can have a major impact. This could be a hiring a house cleaning service, errand runner, lawn and garden specialist, laundry service, or even ordering from a meal prep service.

Delegating at home will lighten your load and improve your quality of life.

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