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Stop Living Vicariously And Start Living For Real!

Stop Living Vicariously And Live For Real!

We all have a person or two whose seemingly fearless life inspires us. This could be a person we know well, are generally acquainted with, or who is a ceiling breaking public figure. While there is energy that can and should be gained from their inspired life, here’s why you should stop living vicariously and start living for real!

Because You Can Too

So no, maybe you will never be a professional athlete. But did you ever really want to be? Continue to watch your favorite teams with great enthusiasm. Just be sure to recognize that it’s not just your love of the game and a sense of community that has you glued to the TV but watching someone else live their dream. Define your dream and go for it!

The Unknown Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

If the first things that come to mind when you consider living the life you have always dreamed of is the fear of uncertainty and all the things that could go wrong—push them down. Your potential for happiness and success is unlimited, but first you must be open to the possibilities. Most of us are only open to the potential downsides. Also, those you live vicariously through experience fear but they don’t let it stop them.

What Else Are We Here For?

If we aren’t here to learn, grow, and be fulfilled—then what else are we here for? It’s not to suffer or live a robotic life. You lead by example to people who you might not know are watching so whatever it is, take a chance.

You want your regrets in life to be few and far between and there is little that you will regret more than not living the life of your dreams!

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