Why We Should Be Reading Books More Not Less

We Should Be Reading More Not Less

The amount of books American adults read annually is steadily on the decline and gets worse by the year. While many of us spend 20 minutes or so each day reading stories in online magazines, newspapers, and social media—we should be reading books more not less.

Attention Span

It’s not just the younger generations whose attention spans are getting shorter, this is something that occurs in most age groups. Just think about the last online article you read. Odds are, even if it was a 3-minute read that you skimmed through the headlines and paragraphs reading only bits and pieces. Not only does this decrease our attention span but also means we aren’t taking the time to absorb all of the information.

Books Help Us Grow

Even if you are reading fantasy fiction the more we read the more we grow. There is always something to take away from the stories and characters, and even more to learn if you are reading non-fiction and developmental books.

Books Are A Nice Escape

We all need a bit of me time and the time you spend reading is an excellent way to take some time for yourself. Even if you are reading a developmental book that challenges you to do some serious thinking it breaks you out of your usual routine.

Here’s to reading more not less!

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