How To Be The Perfect Dinner Guest

The Perfect Dinner Guest

There is something a bit more intimate about having dinner at home instead of heading out to eat. Here’s how to be the perfect dinner guest.

Ask If You Can Bring Anything

Always be sure to ask the host if you can bring something, such as dessert. If it’s a close friend or family member take things one step further and offer to arrive early to help prepare dinner or set the table or help clean up during and after.

Bring Something Anyway

Even if your host doesn’t want you to bring something, bring something anyway. A bouquet of flowers, wine, or gourmet chocolate is always an excellent choice. If the hosts are NA a nice sparkling beverage will do.

Know When To Go

There is nothing worse than guests who don’t know when it’s time to leave. However, there is typically a cue. Many hosts serve coffee and dessert a bit after dinner—leaving time to chat in-between. While this gives you some time to digest your food before eating more, it is also a cue that the evening is winding down.

Last but not least, if you have any dietary restrictions be sure to let your host know (or remind them) ahead of time. If your options are extremely restrictive offer to bring a dish you can eat.

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