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Keep Your Power In The Present Moment

Your Power Is In The Present Moment

How much of your day do you spend replaying the past, worrying about the future, what if-ing, or going through possible scenarios of each decision you make. For far too many of us, most of our days are spent everywhere but in the present moment. This means that all of your energy is being spent in a place that no longer exists, or has yet to exist. Here are some tips for keeping your power in the present moment.

Set Intentions Throughout The Day

Whether speaking of work, cooking dinner, or spending time with your family or friends—set a positive intention for how your time will be invested. This will make it easier to focus and will give you a goal to strive toward.

Time Block

Instead of aimlessly making your way through your day, time block. Break your intention-filled tasks into small chunks of time and as you complete each task, move on to the next block of time. You are likely to find that you will be more productive, less stressed, and less likely to let your mind wander. But no, don’t time block your entire day as you must leave room for spontaneity and flow.

Adjust Your Perspective

You can’t change the past, but you can reflect and learn from it. I find that if I look at the past as nothing more than a lesson I needed to learn I can let go of it and keep moving forward. When it comes to worrying about the future, yes you must be mindful of the consequences of your decisions. However, most of us confuse genuine consequences with playing out all the worst-case scenarios. Instead, set a sincere and loving intention for all that you do and as long as your goal is not to harm or manipulate others—your positive possibilities will be far more than you can imagine.

The only true power you have is in the present moment so don’t waste your time!

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