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When’s The Last Time You Had Fun?

When's The Last Time You Had Fun?

It might sound like a silly question, but it’s one many adults can’t answer without some serious thought. No longer a priority for most so you might not even remember the last time you had fun.

You Must Schedule Fun In

Your schedule is sure to be jam-packed so adding one more thing in might sound impossible, but fun is part of what will keep you balanced. Fun is defined by you—going to the movies, reading a book, binge-watching your favorite TV show, a favorite pastime, coffee with a dear friend, heading to a concert or show, or playing with your dog at the park.

You Must Be Open To Last-Minute Fun

A friend calls you with last-minute tickets to a concert, you run into an old college friend you haven’t seen in years, while running errands you come across an amazing street performer—stop and watch. Be open to the spontaneity in life!

Fun Doesn’t Have To Be Time Consuming

A friend’s lakefront birthday bash or a weekend getaway requires you to free up a chunk of time in your schedule, but fun doesn’t have to be a time-consuming commitment. Watching a movie that always makes you laugh only takes about 2 hours, a lunch date only takes an hour, and watching funny online videos can take a matter of seconds.

The next time someone asks the last time you had fun you should be able to answer right away, and preferably with the answer of today!

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