Do You Love Your Partner For Who They Are?

Love Your Partner For Who They Are

Of course you do right? Maybe not. Here are a few clues that you don’t love your partner for who they are, and maybe don’t see them at all.

You See Their Potential

If you are in a constant state of trying to change, fix, or help your partner fulfill their full potential—odds are that the ‘potential’ you see is likely nothing other than you trying to force them into being the person you really want. Why not go find that person instead?

They Are Perfect On Paper

Sometimes when someone is perfect on paper, however you define that to be, we make assumptions about their personality, dreams, and goals. This can lead to some major disappointments or even a failure to see them for who they truly are.

They’ve Grown And You Have Yet To Accept It

If your partner has slowly grown over the years, or rapidly over a short period of time—you may have yet to accept the ways in which they have developed. Even if the changes are positive and ones you encourage you may still see them in their old light.

We all want to be loved for our authentic selves. If you no longer, or have never, loved your partner for who they are it is time to get to know them—or to let them go and find who you really want. Or if you aren’t loved for who you are it’s time to break free and find someone who loves you and your quirks.

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