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How To Enjoy Bone Broth Year Round

Enjoy Bone Broth Year Round

Summer is in full swing and with many of us in the midst of a heatwave you are likely turning to iced beverages more than warm ones. This may have you unintentionally abandoning your daily broth. Here are some tips for enjoying bone broth year round.

Use It To Cook Your Grains

You can enjoy the benefits of bone broth by using it to cook your summer grains, many of which are quite tasty chilled.

Make A Summer Soup

Gather up your favorite summer veggies and simmer them in your broth of choice. Enjoy warm or cold. As an added bonus your soup is hydrating.

Drink In The AM To Increase Your Body Temperature

By drinking a hot beverage in the morning you can raise your body temperature a few degrees, which will help you feel cooler as the day warms up.

A Perfect Way To End Your Day

If you aren’t up for the heat in the morning enjoy your broth at night before bedtime. Try to drink on an empty stomach for maximum healing benefits.

Invest In A Bone Broth Cookbook

Louise Hay has an excellent bone broth cookbook and there are plenty more to choose from. This includes recipes for making your own broth, but also recipes you can make for any meal of the day—with your broth.

As the new green juice, you can’t let the summer heat keep you from the health benefits of drinking bone broth year round.

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