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    Are You Overthinking Your Diet?

    Overthinking Your Diet?

    How much time do you spend a day thinking about what you want to eat, when you can eat next, beating yourself up over what you already ate, or counting your calories, carbs, sugar, and fat? In many cases, we take a misguided approach to health—that can lead down a dangerous road. Here are a few signs you are overthinking your diet.

    If You Answered ‘Yes’ To More Than One Of The Questions Above

    When you start treating food like the enemy you forget its vital role in nourishing your mind and body. Food is required for optimal health so even if you have room to improve your diet you should think of mealtime with joy, not with guilt. If your thoughts have become consuming you are walking a fine line of diet extremism which often leads to an eating disorder.

    If You Judge What Others Eat

    If you find yourself feeling superior to others or feeling sorry for others because of their diet, health, or physical appearance your thought process has become an unhealthy one. If you have crossed the line and are giving unsolicited dietary, fitness, and health advice to others you are being judgmental and disrespectful—not helpful. You are also forgetting that our bodies are our shell, not our being.

    While our diet is directly related to our health, so is our self-esteem and happiness. Instead of counting the calories and obsessing about the number on the scale invest more time in whole-body health—and don’t forget your body is not who you are.

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