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It’s Not A Mid-Life Crisis—It’s A Return To Authenticity

Is Your Mid-Life Crisis A Return To Authenticity

There is a fundamental flaw in our social norms and societal expectations in that they often steer you away from authenticity. A return to authenticity often happens after those still living within the limitations of what is expected, start making steps toward the life they really want. Many refer to this as a midlife crisis, but it’s so much more.

Realizing Your Life Is Not Yours

It’s often at mid-life, somewhere our 30s or 40s but sometimes much later, that many of us realize that the decisions we made were the ones expected of us—not what we really wanted or still want for our lives. This realization often starts us down a path of major change.

Sometimes The Change Causes Crisis

This life-changing realization will not sit well with everyone and may take you time to fully process. Maybe even a few years. While the return to authenticity is positive it often leads to changes that can cause a short-term crisis. You might realize your job is not a good fit, that you married your partner for the wrong reasons, or that you want to move somewhere entirely new. As much as we would love if our friends and family supported these positive changes, all too often they will criticize by telling you how irresponsible you are being. They may even cut you off.

It Will All Work Out

The transition between the old you and the real you may be a bit rocky, but it is ultimately positive and empowering. In the end, it will all work out.

To ease your time of transition invest your time in others who support authentic living, or do a bit of networking to start building a like-minded social network. And don’t forget—you deserve to be happy!

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