Outdoor Workspaces—Why They Work

Why Outdoor Workspaces Work

L.L. Bean and Industrious Coworking are a leading the way in an exciting new trend in their project Being an Outsider at Work. The concept is to increase productivity by creating outdoor pop-up workspaces. Here’s why it works.

Being In Nature Is Proven To Increase Creativity And Productivity

Not only is fresh air good for you but being in nature, even a small park with green grass and a few trees, will boost your creativity and productivity. This is in part because it feels good to be outside. With the average adult spends 95% of their time indoors even a bit of your workweek spent outdoors can have a major impact.

You Don’t Need A Pop-Up Workspace

You don’t need a pop-up workspace to hop on this trend. Head to a coffee shop or restaurant with outdoor seating, if electronic screens aren’t needed walk outdoors while meeting with a coworker, or add seating to your roof or the patio in front of your office.

You Can’t Always Be Outdoors

Whether due to the weather or the need for a more traditional workspace, you can find ways to get the same benefits of being outdoors while being indoors:

  • If you are building your office from scratch, make sure there is ample natural light and add a glass office space, lunch room, or common area.
  • Add lots of plants and maybe even a living wall.
  • Embrace biophilic design, the art of bringing natural elements indoors.
  • Schedule in more opportunities to be outdoors.

Whether it’s a few hours a day or a few hours a week outdoor workspaces can make a positive difference in employee health, overall productivity, and company culture.

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