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Is Going Green Expensive?

Is Going Green Expensive

Almost 80% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck meaning that most of us are looking for ways to spend less not more. If the main reason you have yet to further green your life is because it is too expensive, keep reading.

You Can Be Strategic

When I invested in energy efficient light bulbs and green power strips my energy decreased by 30% per month. So, while I made an upfront investment it was a strategic one in which I saved money in the long run. This means that you can make small investments here and there that will ultimately pay off. For example, investing in cloth napkins and using old t-shirts as cleaning rags means you can eliminate the expense of napkins and paper towels.

Skip The High Price Tag Green Investments

Yes, investing in solar panels or upgrading to an electric car is a huge expense so if you can’t afford it—don’t. Just find other alternatives instead, such as solar-powered outdoor lighting or solar electronics chargers. When it comes time for a major investment, like a new household appliance, try to find it in your budget to make the green investment. For example, an energy efficient dishwasher may cost a bit more—but will save you more in long-term water and electricity.

Last but not least, as green living continues to grow in adoption, the price tag for environmentally responsible products decreases. This includes green cleaning products, skincare and beauty products, organic food, and more.

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