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What’s Holding You Back From Your Dreams?

What's Holding You Back?

Do you have a business idea, creative aspirations, an untouched bucket list, or a dream you have yet to fulfill? If so then it’s time to identify what’s holding you back from your dreams and move forward. Here are some of the most common culprits and how to get past them.


Whether it’s the fear of failure or of the unknown, you must not allow fear to keep you from moving forward. Even if you are currently in a happy and healthy place you deserve to achieve your dreams. Even if you have failed before now you have more knowledge under your belt.


If letting someone else down or discouraging words of others is what is holding you back it is time to put things in perspective. As much as you may love and respect their opinion, this is your life. If it helps, their response to you pursuing your dream is both their fear for you—and a subconscious reasoning for why they didn’t pursue their dreams.


Last but not least, you may need to expand your personal and professional connections to gain the access you need. Don’t allow this to discourage you as it is easier than ever to network. Utilize the internet to identify others who are already doing what you are doing and doors will start to open.

If we aren’t here to pursue our dreams, what else are we here for?

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