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The Things You Should Be Making Time For

The Things You Should Be Making Time For

If you have noticed that most of your time is spent doing things that are obligatory and that don’t bring you joy—it’s time to take back and reprioritize your time. Here are the things you should be making time for.

What Makes You Feel Good

There is no right or wrong to what it is that makes you smile, inspires you, empowers you, or brings you joy—because this will vary from one to person to the next. Set a goal to spend at least 30 minutes of every day doing something that makes you feel good.

The Right People

Spending quality time with those who mean the most to you is essential. This doesn’t refer to those who you feel obligated to or those you have known forever so always make time for. Instead, invest your time with those who encourage your authenticity, who challenge you in positive ways, and who you feel fulfilled after your time together.

Your Health

Investing time in your health includes a variety of commitments. This includes green living, a clean diet, time in nature, exercise, balancing your mind, body, and spirit, and participating in stress-relieving activities.

Time is precious so it must be invested in things that bring lift us up, not bring us down.

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