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Why You Must Do More Of What Excites You

Do More Of What Excites You

What items on your schedule do you look forward to the most? These are the things that you must make more time for—yet these are often the things we cut first when our schedule gets busy. Here are just a few reasons why you should do more of what excites you.

It’s All About You

Don’t worry about what others will think or say of you finally buying a guitar and signing up for lessons, for your weekly dance class, or taking a series of classes at a local art and craft school. This is about you and what you enjoy and is a time when being selfish is a must.

Doors Will Open

While you may not pursue what excites you full-time or ever make a penny from it, it will open doors for you. You will make new friends, and likely even a few professional contacts for your day job. And yes, your passion may organically turn into a source of income—but that doesn’t need to be the goal.

Not Sure What Excites You Anymore?

If your schedule is packed so full or obligations and responsibilities that you can’t recall what it is that brings you joy—start there. This can include self-care such as yoga and massage, but think more along the lines of a hobby, sport, art, craft, or any activity that is for pure joy.

Doing more of what excites you is essential for balance, creative expression, and overall joy!

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