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3 Leafy Greens You Should Try

New Leafy Greens

If you find yourself bored with spinach and kale, or you aren’t a fan of either—then it’s time to give some other dark leafy greens a try.


Arugula is a bitter green that you can eat raw or cooked. Eating arugula salad may be too bitter for you, so mix it in with your other leafy greens—or add a bit to your soup or bone broth. You can also add a bit to your pizza, smoothie, or freshly squeezed juice.


You might accidentally mistake chard for rhubarb, but it’s quite different. You can eat both the leaves and the stalks, but you don’t have to eat the stalks. I prefer chard wilted or cooked. It’s the perfect addition to your stir-fry or quiche. If you eat the stalks they will need a bit longer to cook, kind of like celery.


Watercress is a nutrient-rich super green with a distinct peppery flavor. A little bit goes a long way as the flavor profile is intense. Purchase in small bunches or grow in your indoor or outdoor garden. Eat raw, cooked, or in your juice or smoothie.

If you are currently bored with your veggie or leafy green options give these 3 a try. Or, stroll your produce aisle and give a vegetable you’ve never eaten a try.

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