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Does What You Wear To The Gym Matter?

Does What You Wear To The Gym Matter?

You are not alone if you feel like some of the people you are working out next to at the gym look like they are more concerned with what they are wearing than they are with their workout. While you may never adopt workout couture, what you wear to the gym does matter.

The Quality Of Your Workout

If the fit is not right, the material doesn’t wick away sweat, the style limits your range of motion, or you are wearing the wrong shoes—it will negatively impact the quality of your workout. The good news is you can find quality workout apparel without breaking the bank. Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Target all have excellent options—and never be shy to shop on clearance.

Your Level Of Confidence

While you may not care to be matchy matchy what you wear to the gym can affect your level of confidence. For example, you might be wearing high-quality athletic apparel—but if your shorts are too short, pants are too tight, you’re wearing a color that shows your sweat, or if you are wearing a top that makes you feel too exposed you may not feel confident when working out. Not all athletic apparel needs to be form-fitting. Don’t be afraid to layer a long or loose fitting tank or t-shirt over a sports bra or super fitted sweat-wicking tank.

What you wear to the gym doesn’t have to be stylish but it must be comfortable and functional.

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