Can AI Be Used To Make Us More Human?

Can AI Make Us More Human?

There is a lot of apprehension about how artificial intelligence could be used for destructive purposes, and that we are at the tip of the iceberg in terms of computers taking over the world. However, AI can be used for good—and has the potential to make us more human not less.

It Will Give Us More Quality Time

Most of us find ourselves strapped for quality time. As AI automates more of our day-to-day tasks (both personally and professionally) it brings with it the potential to have more time—not less. The trick is that we must be strategic about the time it saves us.

Accelerate Development

As AI removes the mundane tasks from our plate we have more time to invest in learning—both developmental and creative. It can even facilitate and streamline the learning process by empowering individuals of all ages to invest more time in achieving their dreams and pushing their potential forward.

Improved Communication

Another huge concern with AI is that communication will continue to suffer. Just look at the decline of communication since the introduction of text messaging and social media. This makes it easy to assume that AI will further accelerate the decline, but it has the potential to elevate communication. All it would take is an AI assistant designed to send communication reminders and suggestions on how to better engage—maybe even in a manner most effective to the person you are engaging with. Not a bot-based program, but a software program that continually pushes you to improve your communication skills.

We really are only at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to AI and the positive potential that it holds. However, we must not focus only on the negative potential—but look forward to the opportunity it presents humanity.

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