Organizing Your Home Before Your Kids Head Back To School

Staying Organized Before Back To School

As always, summer break flew by at lightning speed and now it’s time for the kids to head back to school. Before things get too crazy, it’s time for a bit of organization.

Help Your Kid’s With Their Closet

With a closet full of new clothing it’s time to get rid of what no longer fits, what your kids have never worn, and old and faded clothing. Focus first on clothing and accessories but encourage each of your kids to donate or toss a few toys and electronics too. You can also set a few things aside for your next garage sale.

Summer Sporting Equipment

It’s time to put away the summer sporting equipment that is not year-round-friendly. This will vary depending on the climate you live in. Clean all sports equipment and consider if it will still fit next year, or if you should just go ahead and donate or sell it now. Keep things organized with labeled plastic bins and gear-specific organizers. Whatever you do don’t let things pile up in the garage.

Indoor Seasonal Items

Now is also the time to prep the lawn and garden for fall and winter, put away seasonal home accessories, and maybe even to clean and put away patio furniture.

Your kids have a lot of back to school energy to burn so have them help with keeping things organized.

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