Feeling Overwhelmed At Work?

Overwhelmed At Work

We spend most of our waking hours at work and many of our hours at home working while off the clock. Here’s what to do if you are feeling more overwhelmed with work than usual.

Get Organized

First things first, organization is a must. Depending on how unorganized you have become this could be a small or a large task. Focus first on organizing your workspace, sorting your email and communication into digital folders that are easy to refer back to, and mapping out your project with clear and measurable milestones along the way.


Most of us have more opportunities to delegate than we take advantage of. The mindset is often that it will be done better if done by us. However, this is a limiting mindset that may be keeping you tied to mundane tasks that don’t need to be done by you.


As counterproductive as it may originally sound, you must maintain your balance. This means working a reasonable number of hours, taking your breaks, unplugging when you get home, and no working the weekends. You may be surprised at how just one full day of getting your mind off work-related stress can leave you feeling recharged.

If the feeling of being overwhelmed persists it may be a sign that you have taken on too much and need to do more than delegate but reduce your workload. It may also be a sign that you aren’t in the right position, profession, or company culture.

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