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What To Do With Your Produce Before It Spoils

What To Do With Produce Before It Spoils

We’ve all been there—we can’t eat all of the harvest from our garden, we ate out more than usual and our farm share box is about to spoil, or we only needed a fraction of the produce we purchased for a recipe. Here’s what to do with your leftover produce before it spoils.

Juice It

One thing I love to do with my farm share items before they go bad is to add them to a freshly squeezed juice. Some weeks I simply add an unusual ingredient to my juice or smoothie, other weeks I make a catch-all blend. Just be sure to limit the amount of beets, no more than half a medium beet, which in liquid form can run right through you. Also, juice and blend only small amounts of radishes, watercress, lemons, limes, or bitter items as they can be acidic. And don’t juice onions or garlic.

Dehydrate It

Who couldn’t use more healthy snacks in the house? The majority of your fruits, veggies, and fresh herbs can be dehydrated to enjoy as snacks, seasoning, or tea. If you don’t have a dehydrator the oven will work.

Can It

With modern technology, canning is a lot easier than it used to be. A large amount of items can be canned and all you will need is a pressure cooker, clean glass jars, and the canning recipe ingredients.

Make A Broth

Last but not least you can make a delicious broth out more than just your veggie peelings and bones, but also out of veggies that you know you won’t use before they spoil. You can then portion the broth into smaller containers, freeze it and use for soup stock, as drinking broth, and for cooking.

When your produce does spoil add it to your compost pile so that it can be used to nourish your garden.

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