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September 2018


    How To Make The Most Of Your Next Vacation

    Make The Most Of Your Vacation

    Your time off each year should be well-invested not just wasted away. It is your time to recharge and relax, visit loved ones, and explore. Here’s how to make the most of your next vacation or weekend away.

    Unplug From Work

    Unplugging from work is a must. If you can unplug 100 percent, but since you likely want to stay connected with friends and family turn off all alerts related to work.

    Schedule An Airbnb Experience

    Every vacation destination offers an endless option in tours and excursions but for a truly immersive experience schedule an Airbnb Experience in which a local takes you on a bespoke tour. Sometimes this is a tenured tour guide but most of the time it is a local who is passionate about the experience they are providing. Schedule your experience as early in the week as possible as your guide may introduce you to places you want to revisit, making your vacation personal and unique.

    Keep The Plan Minimal

    Last but not least, don’t schedule every second of your vacation. Yes, schedule the things that are a must—like buying tickets to a Broadway show on your next trip to New York. Then make a list of things you might like to do and fill the gaps in each day with what works at the moment. This will make you feel more relaxed and less rushed.

    Last but not least, you must actually take all of your vacation days—and don’t use them to always visit the same location.

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