Why Cosmopolitanism Is On The Rise

Cosmopolitanism Is On The Rise

We have all heard of Cosmopolitan magazine and the Cosmo martini leaving many of us to forget the true meaning of the word—that is until now. Here are just a few reasons why cosmopolitanism is on the rise.

What Is Cosmopolitanism?

The concept is that all of humanity belongs to a single community. It is a belief that we are citizens of the world who regardless of our nationality believe we are equals. Many consider such beliefs to be the foundation, regardless of political party, of any true democracy.

Seeing Ourselves In Others

We are in tense times where many of us are not at odds with friends, family, and colleagues. While not everyone will embrace a cosmopolitan mindset adopting this mindset can help you find or remember your common ground with those who you disagree with on a variety of levels.

Unsorting Yourself

This is also a time where many people are actively unsorting ourselves. Sorting yourself is easy to do and often occurs by accident. By expanding your social circle outside of people who fit into the most obvious boxes you fall into it is a win/win for all. Unsorting opens minds and hearts and allows us to be our authentic selves.

As soon as you start looking you will find others with likeminded beliefs.

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