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How Buying An Alarm Clock Can Make Your Day?

Switch Back To A Regular Alarm Clock

Most of us have ditched our alarm clock instead using our smartphone’s alarm features. Even if you have a bedside clock it is likely so that you can tell time in the middle of the night. Here’s how buying or using your alarm clock can make your day.

Easing Into Your Day Unplugged

I don’t know about you but the second after I dismiss my smartphone alarm I check my email and other digital alerts. So within seconds of waking up, I am already in work mode, even though I don’t need to start working for about 2 hours. Even if I only check my emails and don’t respond this can start my day in an instant state of stress—no matter how well I slept. Switch back to a classic alarm and you can ease into the first hour of your day unplugged.

Easing Into Your Evening

This one small change can start your day off on the right foot but take it to the next level by spending the last hour of your day unplugged too. The average person checks their phone every 12 minutes, including the last hour of the day when you should be relaxing and winding down. So, turn off your phone and spend both the last hour of your day unplugged too. I promise you will sleep better.

If your initial response to unplugging the first and last hour of the day causes anxiety, this is only a sign of how essential it is that you make the change. Look for an alarm clock with a soothing alarm so that it does not jar you into your day. Maybe even a dual-purpose sound machine and alarm clock.

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