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Are You A Dream Killer Questioner?

Dream Killer Questions

Would you consider yourself to be pessimistic or skeptical? If so, you might not be the best friend or loved one you could be. While it may be your nature to questions things in your life when you question others in the same manner you may be killing their dreams.

What Are Dream Killer Questions?

Dream killer questions are the questions that instantly highlight everything that could go wrong. I know, you are just trying to help, trying to be proactive, and trying to responsible or realistic. But if you can never accept opportunity for yourself or others your questions can kill the dreams that make life worth living.

Your Friends Will Stop Sharing

If you talk to a friend or loved one you have nothing but criticism of everything they do and say and of every change they are contemplating or have recently made—they will stop engaging. At the very least, they will stop sharing their dreams, success, and positive changes with you.

But You Can’t Help Yourself!

Your intention is likely to be helpful and at least to ensure that they have thought things through. It’s your way of showing support but it’s often translated as the exact opposite. Next time a friend shares something think before you speak. Ask if they are joyful, excited, and optimistic. If there is true risk or threat, not just the potential for risk or threat—share your concerns. Otherwise, listen and be excited for their excitement. An remember there is no need for you to agree, but as a friend respecting their decisions is essential.

Last but not least, stop dream killer questioning things in your life. If you are always looking for what could go wrong you are forgetting that there is far more that can go right—meaning you will miss invaluable opportunities.

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