Adopting This Career Mindset Will Change Everything

New Career Mindset

Many professionals are reaching the same conclusion: they don’t really love what they are doing. Whether you are living paycheck-to-paycheck or are more than comfortable makes no difference. If you spend the majority of your waking hours doing things that are unfulfilling—it is no way to live.

Don’t Make It About Money

Even if your intention is to make significantly more money, you must not make money the goal. Start first with passion and making a difference and the money will follow. That being said, I can’t tell you how many 6 figure earners I’ve met who have abandoned their high-pressure jobs for a less stressful and fulfilling job that pays less—but they are finally happy and balanced.

Start With What You Know

Don’t limit yourself to your current career or industry as the skills you have are wildly transferable. However, don’t look at just your professional skill sets but also your personal skill sets. What do you daydream about doing with your life and time? Look for ways to leverage what you know into a career.

Last but not least, consider working for you! The options in online entrepreneurship doing what you love for a nationwide or global audience are endless.

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