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How To Eliminate Decision Fatigue?

Eliminate Decision Fatigue

The average person switches back and forth between 300 different tasks per day. Don’t think that applies to you? Consider how many times you switch from and check Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, your personal email, work email, and IM accounts. That alone could easily account for 100 daily mini-mindset shifts. This often leads to decision fatigue. Here’s how to combat it.

Prioritize Your Day

Think of your daily brainpower as a battery that is ideally at full power when you wake each morning, which gets slowly depleted each day. If you didn’t rest well or are under a lot of stress then you may not be at full power when you wake. Most of the things you do require some type of decision to be made, and with each decision large and small you will deplete a bit of your power. One excellent strategy then is to focus on your top priorities first thing each day when you are at your full power. This will not only ensure they get done but that they are don when you have the most clarity and creativity.

Time Block

Time blocking certainly isn’t a new concept but is one that is gaining more popularity in the constantly connected digital world we live in. By setting aside at least one, 1 or 2 hour block of time to focus solely on a lone task with zero distractions you conserve energy that is otherwise wasted by digital multitasking.

Know Your Limits

No one knows you better than you. Once you hit the proverbial wall don’t waste your time or remaining brain energy trying to get something done that will be compromised by your ability to make sound decisions. Get some rest and give it a go first thing tomorrow.

Last but not least, delegate as much of the tiny decisions that don’t have to be made by you. There are likely to be far more than you think!

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