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The Value Of New Experiences

The Value Of New Experiences

Have you ever heard that kids are like sponges who soak up everything? This isn’t because kids are more receptive to learning and new experiences it’s because they are in a stage in life where the most rapid amount of learning is required. As adults, our need to learn is less eminent so unfortunately somewhere along the way we all but stop learning—and therefore growing. Here’s why we must get back out there!

Reading Or Watching Isn’t The Same As Doing

As adults, we must go beyond learning to experience because consumption of knowledge is never as powerful as firsthand experience. That is not to say that awareness can’t be life-changing but participation new takes things to the next level. Worried about what others will think? It’s not the critic who counts!

New Experiences Open Us Up On Every Level

Sometimes as adults adding new people to our social circle halts so the more new things you try the more new people you will meet too. All the way around you will open your mind to things you may have never contemplated before, which will in turn expose you to new opportunities.

It Makes Life Worth Living

Life is not meant to be a soul-crushing and monotonous cycle, it is meant to be rich with adventure and experience. The more new things you try, even if it’s a one-time thing—the more joy, purpose, love, and fulfillment you will experience. These are the things that make life worth living.

You don’t have to go too far outside of your comfort zone, that being said don’t count out things you have never considered!

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