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Will AI Make Us More Creative?

AI Will Boost Creativity

To create is to have the time to innovate but with all there is to do during the day most of us don’t have enough time to invest in innovation. In fact, many of us regard creative time as an indulgence. However, nothing new is born of doing things the same way they have always been done. But AI can help.

Automating The Essentials

The up and coming AI technology is designed to act as a personal assistant that automates essential tasks, identifies personal trends, suggests efficient alternatives, and sends us reminders throughout the day. For most of us, this will free up at least an hour a day that can be invested in creation.

Scheduling In The Creative

We must be disciplined with the time AI frees up and strategically reinvest it in activities that encourage growth and innovation. There is no one-fits-all equation to what this looks like. This could be an hour a day spent reading, researching, networking, or brainstorming. Depending on your project you may even create a group think tank.

Don’t Forget White Space

It’s exciting to finally have the time in your schedule to innovate but innovation can’t be forced. In addition to scheduling in time to create, you must make room for white space—time spent doing things you enjoy which are not related to your primary project. This might include other creative activities, getting a massage, unplugging while you read a fictional book, and taking a much needed vacation or weekend getaway.

The most challenging part for many of us is in not filling up the time we create with more tasks that don’t need to be done by us—and to accept the free time we’ve been craving.

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