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Does Your Social Circle Have A Growth Mindset?

Does Your Social Circle Have A Growth Mindset?

There are many reasons that we form friendships. Most often we have something particular in common—a class in school, a hobby, sport, or passion. Maybe even other friends. This common ground can lead to lifelong friendships and cherished shorter friendships. No matter how we meet our friends we must all assess who we spend most of our time with and ensure that we have a social circle who positively impacts our life. Sounds simple, but sometimes we outgrow friendships or get caught in a destructive cycle with a frenemy.

There’s A Difference Between Positive And Negative Challenges

A friend who challenges you to think through thoughtful conversation is vastly different than a friend with whom you are constantly unsure about, stressed over, or who you are always bickering with. The former is a positive challenge and the latter is a negative challenge. While friendships have their ups and downs there should be more highs than lows.

It Might Not Be Your Entire Social Circle

If you are part of a tightknit group of friends with whom you have a healthy and positive relationship, who support your growth but who don’t themselves have much of a growth mindset—that’s ok. Just make sure that you connect with at least a few people outside of your circle who you are more aligned with in terms of growth.

This one small change to how you spend your personal time can help you break free of the limited mindsets that are consciously and unconsciously holding you back from your full potential.

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